Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Family Life Cycle Stages


1. Married Couples without children
2. Child bearing families
3. Families with pre-school children
4. Families with school children
5. Families with teenagers
6. Families launching young adults
7. Middle aged parents- empty nest to retirement
8. Aging Family members- retirement to death of both spouses

Family Stage impact on Problems
Vertical Stressors
o Relational patterns that are transmitted from one generation to another
o Family attitudes
o Secrets
o Taboos
o Hopes
o Failures
o Expectations
o Emotional Struggles

Horizontal stressors include predictable events that occur as families move from one life cycle stage to another.
o Birth of a child
o Parenting adolescent children
o Children leaving home
o Death of a parent
o Menopause
o Health concerns
o Changes in self image
o Career shifts
o Infidelity
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