Monday, May 13, 2013

ASWB Test Experience

My test experience: 
We had to produce 2 forms of ID, left and right palm prints were taken and we emptied ourpockets and put EVERYTHING (yes, even mints, gum, wallets, candy, earplugs, and water) into a locker. They want nothing (except your locker key) brought into the examination room/station. We were escorted to a holding place where techs were observing test taker's screens and were palm printed again. We were then given a dry-erase board and pen to use during the test and escorted to our station and . Earphones were at each station (they were tight and uncomfortable, I could hear my heartbeat in them) earplugs were provided by the testing facility if you requested them. It was all multiple choice, your web site practice case studies were exactly what I needed. 

Your Tip of the Day for the order of "What is NEXT, FIRST, SECOND, etc..." was EXTREMELY HELPFUL. Overall, because of your site, I went in a lot more confident, relaxed and less anxious than I would have been without it. 

Thank you for providing these skills, tips and practice opportunities! Sincerely, Laurie offers online prep for NASW. Unlimited access to practice exams, case studies, simulations, video, audio, and flash cards 24/7.