Monday, May 11, 2015

Standardized psychological assessment tests

● Achievement and aptitude tests o Seen in educational or employment settings
o Attempt to measure either

  • ■ Achieved knowledge- particular subjects
  • ■ Aptitude or ability to master material in a particular area.

● Intelligence tests o Measure basic ability to understand the world, assimilate to functioning, and apply knowledge to enhance the quality of life.
o Intelligence is a measure of a potential, not a measure of what one has learned (as in an achievement test)
o It is supposed to be independent of culture.
o However, most intelligence are not culturally unaffected.

● Neuropsychological tests o Measure deficits in cognitive functioning- ability to think, speak, reason which may result from brain damage, such as a stroke or a brain injury.

● Occupational tests o Match personal interests and talents with the interests and talents of persons in known careers.

● Personality tests o Measure basic personality style
o Most used in research or forensic settings to help with clinical diagnoses.
o Two of the most well-known personality tests are

  • ■ Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory (MMPI), or the revised MMPI-2,
  1. ◊ Composed of several hundred “yes or no” questions
  • ■ Rorschach (the “inkblot test”),
  1. ◊ Composed of several cards of inkblots
  2. ◊ Clients give a description of the images and feelings experienced by looking at the blots.

● Psychological tests o Administered and interpreted by a psychologist
o Counselors who have appropriate academic courses and supervision may administer occupational tests or achievement and aptitude tests. offers online prep for NASW. Unlimited access to practice exams, case studies, simulations, video, audio, and flash cards 24/7.