Monday, May 4, 2015

The Impact of Developmental Disorders on Family Systems

Symptoms of Developmental Disorders

■ Aggression and perhaps violence
  • o Work with family on behavioral issues, reinforcing appropriate behaviors.
  • o Work with family on parental coping skills with difficult situations.

■ Alienation of parents, caregivers and authorities o Educate family on the symptoms of disorders and what to take as a symptom rather than a person attack.
o Processing how to handle isolation moments, what the client shares as input on how they would like to b addressed or left alone until ready to return to family participation.

■ Antisocial attitudes and actions o Insight and reality therapy with clients on what impact their behaviors have on the family- natural consequences.
o Make sure family has consistent discipline for inappropriate behaviors.

■ Behavioral and learning problems at school o Encourage family to be in close communication with school figures to prioritize school goals and continue strengths.

■ Cannot express trust, intimacy and affection o Educate clients on the realities of the disorder and behavioral symptoms.
o Work with families to process feelings in regard to having a loved family member who has not yet developed these essentials of relational interaction.

■ Lacks empathy, compassion and remorse o Parenting skills enhanced to encourage the education and modeling of these skills in the home to promote it within the client.

■ Needy and clingy, or pretends independence o Behavioral methods encouraged by all family members to make sure enabling is minimized and support for growth is promoted.

■ Withdrawal and perhaps depression or psychosis o Work with family to ensure the therapy treatment and medications are attended to. offers online prep for NASW. Unlimited access to practice exams, case studies, simulations, video, audio, and flash cards 24/7.