Monday, July 6, 2015

Adlerian Therapy

Adlerian Therapy

Adlerian Therapy Process

■ The role of the client
 o Explore private logic- concepts about self, others and life
o Discover purposes of behavior or symptoms of basic mistakes associated with their coping.
o Learn how to correct faulty assumptions and conclusions

■ The Client Therapist Relationship
 o Based on mutual trust, respect, confidence and alignment of goals.
o Collaborative relationship
o Develop a therapeutic contract (goals for therapy)
o Emphasis of responsibility on client for his or her own behaviors


■ Establish a therapeutic relationship
 o Therapists gets to know the client as a person
o Collaborate on goals for therapy
o Supportive therapist creates caring human connection
o Therapist work to make client feel deeply understood and accepted.
o Client focuses on what needs to change in therapy.

■ Explore the psychological dynamic operating in the client
 o Consists of a subjective interview
o Clients tells own story as expert on own life
o Therapists listens for cues to client’s coping and approach to life
o Objective interview ■ Family constellation
■ Early recollections
■ Personal priorities
■ Integration and summary

■ Encourage development of self understanding (insight into purpose)
 o Understanding motivates that operate in client’s life
o Client disclosure and therapist interpretation (open ended manner)
o Make unconscious into conscious
o Confront resistance to help client and therapist align
o Explore purposes of symptoms, feelings, behaviors and human difficulties or block

■ Help client make new choices (reorientation and reeducation)
 o Encouragement process
o Change and search for new possibilities
o Make a difference through change in behavior, attitude and perceptions.