Monday, August 24, 2015

Individually based theory and therapy models

Psychoanalysis- Freud/Erikson/Mahler
Role of Therapist

■ Invisible- Blank Screen (detachment)
■ Fosters transference
■ Focus on Resistance

Therapeutic Goals

■ Bringing the unconscious to the conscious
■ Strengthen the ego

Key Ideas

Deterministic- problems are rooted in the first six years of life and trapped in unconscious motivations
Reality Principle- maximize gratification minimize punishment
Biological Drives- sex and instincts
Parts of Personality- Id/Ego/Superego
Id- Pleasure principle, “Demanding Child,” deterministic, unconscious, satisfy basic survival
Ego- Reality principle, “Traffic Cop,” mediator between Id and Superego
Superego- Moral Principle, “The Judge,” strive for perfection

Psychosexual Stages of Development

Oral Phase- 0-1 years, greedy, mistrust, unable to form intimate relationships
Anal Phase- 1-3 years, anal retentive, aggressive
Phallic Phase- 3-6 years, identity disturbance (Oedipal/ Electra complex)
Latency- 6-12 years, Socialization stage
Genital- 12+, Interpersonal relations freedom to love/work


■ Brief psychodynamic therapy (BPT)- treating selective disorders within an established time.
■ Hypnosis
■ Dream Interpretation
■ Free Association
■ Projective Techniques
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